Thursday 21 April 2016

Lovely Sunshine Lovely Flowers.

This week at Snapdragons we have some lovely flowers available many for under £1 a stem. So why not add to the sunshine and brighten your day with a few.
I love the colour combination of lemon and lilac for spring and these Germini (95p each) and Stocks (85p each) fit this perfectly.

  There's a growing trend for peach and this week we embrace that with these stunning Anthuriums (£2 each) Carnations (70p each) and Hypericum berries (65p each) Mix and match to created your own display.

Looking for something simple and scented how about these gorgeous blue hyacinths and at just 75p each you can create a profusion of blooms.  

Fancy something a little different how about one of our Cymbidium orchid stems. £3.40 each but they look stunning on their own and have quite alot of heads per stem.

  So if you have something to say this week be it Thank-you, Happy Birthday or even I'm sorry why not say it with flowers.

Monday 18 April 2016

Change around at the shop

Had abit of a move around of things at Snapdragons. Thought I would do a blog post to show you how things are looking now. 
As much I personally loved the flowers in the back corner of the shop with the backdrop of the wallpaper I felt that maybe people weren't seeing them as much from the pavement so we have moved them back to in front of the counter. I've left the wooden dresser where it is with the cards in as this is a really good place for them.
Not wishing to move the crafts which had been working well in front of the counter on to the back wall we covered some of the box shelves with matching dotty cello and put the craft tables in front of them. I think this works well. Now with the depth of these on one side and the flowers on the other I have gone back to just having one central point of sale table will have to see how this works at peak times.  
Many of the vases and containers from the box shelves are now displayed on shelves in the back corner in a way I feel this makes them more accessible and puts them at an easier height. The hand painted sign work has gone back on this wall and makes an eye pleasing display.  
The silk flowers are in the front corner at the end of the craft displays.  

Hope people like the rejigged layout pop in soon to see what lovely things we have available.