Thursday 21 June 2018

When a florist gets married (part 2)

When a florist gets married there seems to be so many flowers which is why I have split them up in to several blog posts. this one will be all about the church flowers we had at our wedding.

Working closely with the church and being involved in the flowers there I've always had quite a set idea of the flowers I wish to use and the style of them for my wedding.  This mainly consisted of a number of parallel arrangements showcasing some of my favorite flowers, green carnations, blooms, stocks and cymbidium orchids. 
 These were placed in the porch and on the windowsills in church. The picture to the right and above are of the ones in the porch, these were made slightly shorted than the others to fit in the space.
 There were then 7 arrangements for the windowsills inside church, these were made longer with soft ruscus greenery up to about 5 foot in length to cover the space. Luckily the shop is very near the church and we could walk the arrangements from one place to another, I'm not sure I would have liked trying to transport them by car.
 I wanted to stick with the simple white and green colours in the church flowers, to try in green theme and it gives a clean elegant look and sits well both against the plain and coloured glass windows. I really think they looked impressive and were quite methodical to put together. 
 For my sisters wedding I had created two large pedestals to stand at the chancel steps in front of the screen so I wanted something abit different for mine. I made four arrangements on oasis bumps which were tied to the screen, these had the addition of the grey lace ribbon which is has been used in the silk bridal party flowers to tie everything together.

 I was really pleased with the way these turned out, they really help give the front of the church that wedding look which out being too much effort on my part (as really I had enough to do)
We left the flowers in church as the next day was the festival of Pentecost which we like to have the church "dressed" for, I think it was extra nice that our first big festival back in church after the work had so many lovely flowers and all matching.

There are also two pedestals in church which are a permanent feature (except during advent and lent) I spoke to the ladies who where rotated to do the pedestals that week and supplied them with a few flowers to match up with my own, they also added red as that is the traditional Pentecostal colour but this worked out ok as it toned in with the red carpet ect at church.
My thanks go to the ladies for their brilliant pedestals which added to the overall floral look but didn't add to my work load.  this is the one opposite the main door

   And this one sits next to the high altar, I particularly like the addition of the green blooms and carnations in this display which lasted really well.

Photo credit Adian Clarkson
I really like how good the pedestal looks on the picture with the choir with the red carnations matching up with the red robes and the green matching up with their silk green carnation buttonholes.

Some other fresh flowers I made at church were for my father who is in the church yard. He had a long spray of matching green and white flowers and a posy of blue and white, which matched up with some of the flowers at the reception.

While I'm mentioning grave flowers there are some other silk flowers I forgot to mention in the previous post a wreath matching the flowers used in my bouquet which was sent north to be placed on the groom fathers grave so he would be in-keeping and matching as well.

So there are the church flowers we had, you may notice the absence of pew end decorations a popular element of church wedding flowers, well me being me I had to have something slightly different so look out for those in a craft blog coming soon.