Friday 16 January 2015

Revamp after Christmas Flood

So work has begun on the shop after being flooded extensively after Christmas. It is rather a big job with the old floorboards being removed and a new concrete floor being put in place. This will then be tiled and my counter replaced along with new steps and other necessary touching up and cleaning. If work goes to plan we hope to be open again towards the end of February or very early March.

There is substantial digging going on in the road which hopefully will solve the issues we have been having I do feel like after I get back in to the shop I make do an educational window display about what you shouldn't put down the drains and why.
When the shop does reopen we will be having a belated January Sale will large reductions on many containers, vases and silks so keep an eye out for bargains.

Monday 5 January 2015

Christmas Flood

We would like to apologize to our customers for being closed again after another flood.
We realized there was an issue when the manhole cover situated in our toilet room let up some water before Christmas how ever we were told no blockage could be found and abit of sealant was stuck on it, It then got worse and the whole shop has been under quite a lot of water again.
Keep checking back for updated information. Work is being carried out in the road to deal with the blockage and collapse that was eventually found and the drying out process has started internally but will take a long time due to weather conditions and the amount of water and the time it was sat.
We discovered about two thirds of the floor wet on Saturday the 27th and decided to move stock and furniture encase it got worse.
This is how it looked by Tuesday the 30th when the water company finally got to us and took it seriously

Tanker sucking the puddle out after finding the problem and stopping it flowing in.

Pumps currently working to keep things moving.