Thursday 20 October 2016

Bank Holiday Wedding

One of this years beautiful brides choose to get married on the August bank holiday. 
The wedding's colour scheme contained shades of blue but rather than just having plain white or cream flower or adding the blue tones in to match with ribbons and beads Helen chose to have the complimenting colour of yellow this added warmth and was lovely and sunny perfect for August. The bride's posy was a simple round design of yellow roses and wonderfully scented cream freesia. The men had traditional yellow rose buttonholes.
 The bridesmaid had a smaller version of the brides with the yellow roses and cream freesia and a flower girl had a silver wand with fresh flowers.
Also for the bridesmaid and flower girl and created silk flower head adornments, a headband for the bridesmaid and a dinky clip for the flower girl. I was rather pleased with how these turned out and matched up with the fresh flowers. I find it advisable to use silk flowers for head adornments as fresh flowers tend to wilt quicker with the heat from peoples heads. 

 Helen kindly let me have a couple of photos from the big day here you can see how nicely the yellow compliments the blue tones and how the head adornments look on the girls.
The photo below showing how even in a nontraditional dress flowers still look lovely and complete the bridal style.
I'm please Helen and family had a wonderful day and that she was pleased with her flower choices.