Thursday 31 May 2018

When a florist gets married. (Part one)

Hello all I realize I haven't blogged for a very long time. Life and work as been very one thing after another and in the background of everything has been my own wedding planning.
So who does the flowers when a florist gets married, well in my case I DO! Working in the industry you can't help but pick up ideas and think about what you might want for your own day, so when I became engaged in late 2016, it was time to pull all those ideas and thoughts to the fore and see how the flowers for my own wedding were going to work.
I decided that I would do the bridal party flowers, (my bouquet, bridesmaids, buttonholes and corsages) in artificial flowers, these are things which often have to wait till the last minute to be done or finished and I remember being up very early on the morning of my sisters wedding to get everything done, I didn't want that on my own day and this way I could do them ahead of time not stress and we'ed all be able to keep them afterwards. The picture to the left is a view of one of the three bridesmaids bouquets.
 These were done on sisal cones, these have been around for quite a while but I've never had a bride who wanted them, so I thought I would have them for mine, its something abit different and slightly ties in with the geeky fantasy touches we were sneaking in to the wedding. The flowers were arranged in a small cascade as I wanted something different to the usual round posies. 
 Added to the silk flowers were pearls, dew drops, and ribbon in a grey lace which made several appearances thought the wedding and tied in with the grey and mint theme. The girls dresses them selves were a deep charcoal with large mixed colour flowers on, so the pale cones and flowers stood out against them well.

 Next the mothers corsages. These were using the same flowers a mixture of the main two blooms and some filler with ribbons, crystals. These were done on magnets to make for easy attachment. The neutral colours worked well with both mums outfits. 
Close up shot of the corsages showing small crystal flowers, in lovely pale green. 
 The men's buttonholes, were done with two smaller cream roses and and other bits to create the on trend cluster look, I'd done this style in fresh for other brides and really wanted it for my own as well. Again these on magnets to make them easy to attach and not damage clothing. I also thought these would be safer around my small niece who was bound to pull at them.
 Other corsages I made for the partner of the best man, our reader and my Grandmother, her's had some purple added to match in with her outfit.
Since I was making all of this ahead of time I also put together a dozen of these green carnation buttonholes. These were for the choir at church to wear, I thought this was a nice gesture as I am a member of the choir and I wanted them to feel part of everything, fresh green carnations were used in the church flowers as they are one of my favorites. 
And finally in the silk flowers, my own bouquet. For myself I created a delicate small teardrop bouquet. Like a larger version of the bridesmaids without the cone. I didn't want anything massive as I knew my dress wasn't huge, something slightly understated but very pretty. Again it was interlaced with pearls, dew drops, and crystal flowers.
 The handle was curved slightly to aid holding and wrapped with more of the grey lace ribbon, with a pearl bouquet brooch added rather than a bow.
 For my something blue I added a blue Scottish thistle this also gives a nod to our Scottish heritage and other connections we have with it.
I found the inspiration for my bouquet quite a while ago in a copy of fusion flowers wedding magazine, I knew I wanted the compact look with lots of extra bits like the pearls ect. I choose the silk flowers to use from Country Baskets a wholesaler I have been using since my student days. They come in bunches with four blooms two of each style and small hydrangea pieces, I dismantled the bunches and built my designs from them. I love the vintage feel to the colour of them with the hints of dusky pink and green with the cream and also the fact the bunches are called Bronte which is a lovely coincidence with the grooms family Withering Heights connections.

So that's my bridal party flowers, check back soon for more blog posts about the church and venue flowers., and hopefully some pictures of them in action once we get the official ones. There will also be posts on my Hannah's craft cottage blog about all the other handmade items which when in to the wedding.

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