Wednesday 5 March 2014

Wedding Fair

At the weekend we attending a wedding fair at the Vine Hotel Skegness. This was the first wedding fair they had done for a while and was a good day with a select set of stalls. It was nice that they only had one of each type of stand, I feel this is good both for the exhibitors and the public, and meant that we spoke to just about everyone who came.
Here's some pictures of my stand, I was trying to go for a cottagey relaxed look for something different, because I feel big, extravagant and blingy has been done so many times, I wanted to look different from other stands at other fairs and trends are moving in this direction. I've also learnt that its better to have just a few select pieces that theme together than throwing everything you've got at a stand.
 This was a mini top table display I created in  fresh flowers, in peach and cream tones. this got alot of interest from people and shows that in this area people are still having the traditional top table.

This is a table centre I created using a selection of vases. A tall thin bottle has a stunning peach avalanche rose in it. A squat vintage style jar with green lace tied around the neck has tulips and pittosporum in it and a small milk style bottle has two paper straws and flag that says Love you in it, all are arranged on a mirror plate with doily. This shows that you don't need to have tones of flowers to create an impact and shows how little add ons like the straws can help bring a theme together. I lot of people liked the vintage jar vase and how simple but effective the display was, which I was please with because it was what I was aiming for.

  Also showing how you can add the flora, natural touch with out too much budget was this heather plant in lovely dotty bag. This is finished off with a pair of flags saying "I do" "me too" for that wedding feel.

The fresh bridal bouquet I created was a simple casual posy of roses, hypericum, pittosporum and scented stocks, all tied with green lace ribbon. I felt it was something different to the solid rose, calla or gerbera posies that have been the fashion and fitting in well with the overall theme I was trying to create.

 One bit of sparkle I did take with me was a new thing we are doing now at Snapdragons which is brooch bouquets. (I will be putting more up about this soon)  This bouquet also fitted in with the vintage style and really caught the eye of many for its unusualness.

This was how the stand looked over all, I was particularly pleased with the bunting and the wooden boxes which really helped with the the theme, in the baskets in the middle of the table I had the delphinium petal confetti cone and some tears of joy tissues to show that we are more than a florist and can provide the extra finishing touches. Also the new set up with the screen presentation rather than my whole laptop being on the stand, this looks much better.

All in all a good day really nice to meet lots of brides and have a chat with other exhibitors, thanks to the vine for organising and keeping us all stocked up with tea and coffee.
If you are planning your wedding and looking for a bespoke florist, who will help you get the flowers that fit with you and your day rather than a set price package deal, come and have a chat with us.  

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