Monday 8 September 2014

The flood and revamp.

Many of our customers will be aware we suffered from some flooding in the shop in early August this was due to a block mains drain coupled with a vast amount of rain, the drain would have coped if it hadn't been blocked so I'd just like to take this chance to urge people where ever they are not to put fat and un-flushables down their loos and sinks and this could happen. A professional company were brought in to dry-out and clean the building.  

So after much drying and cleaning the shop was ready for a revamp. It has been given a lick of paint in a warm Victorian cream which matches with the cream parts on the outside which has also been given a spruce up. The floor and counter have had a new wood stain and the back wall is becoming a feature wall. 

The shop will have some form of being open again from Wednesday the 10th of September but an ideal time to come and see how we are looking now could be at our Macmillian coffee morning on Friday the 26th where there will be cake. 

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