Thursday 28 May 2015

Choosing Snapdragons as your wedding florist.

Getting married soon Congratulations. There's so much to plan and so many decisions to make but choosing your florist shouldn't be an difficult one. Here at Snapdragons we offer a full bespoke service for all your wedding day floral needs.
What can we offer 
For a more detailed descriptions please check our weddings page.
Brides and Bridesmaids Bouquets. Everyone is different so why should your Bouquet be the same as everyone else at Snapdragons we can offer a range of styles and shapes working in colours to suit your theme. You can browse though our past work and we welcome brides bringing in their our pictures and ideas to help us create something that is special to you.
Like this bouquet where the bride was looking for a casual rustic look in yellow and white to echo the daisy theme we included scented freesia a favorite of her mothers and bound it in a rustic jute ribbon.
We can also work in more personalized items like the picture below the bride provided us with the heart brooch which I believed to be part of her something old something tradition and we attached it to the handle. This bouquet also had pearls worked between the large headed avalanche cream roses as this tied in with detailing on her dress.
  Here you can also see a smaller version of the brides bouquet for a bridesmaid and a flower girl wand which we dressed with navy blue ribbon to be in keeping with the theme.
When it comes to bridesmaids we can create things to fit with your colours, numbers ages and budget. Sometimes they have a smaller version of the brides, or the same flowers but a different shape, co-coordinating mirrored colours is also popular, for example the bride is wearing white and had a pink bouquet with a hint of white and the bridesmaids wearing pink have white bouquets with a hint of pink. Wrist corsages are also a popular choice for bridesmaids we can offer a range of different bands from simple velcro to all out diamante bling. These work well as they leave the bridesmaids hand free, handy for carrying petal baskets or keeping hold of younger members of the party.
Credit Joseph Yarrow  
Lets not leave the boys out when it comes to buttonholes again we can work to suit your needs choose a flower to match your bouquet, have the grooms favorite flower have a colour to match your theme or to compliment you suit choice. The grooms can be abit different to everyone else and how many you have is up to you, We can also provide corsages for Mum's, Grandmas, best women, readers ect. These are normally abit bigger than a buttonhole and may have extras such as feathers, beads bows. These can be made on pins, magnets or wrist bands in colours to fit your theme or match their outfit.

Venues and churches 

We offer a large range of items to decorate your chosen church and or venue. Have a little or alot to complete the look of your day. These full flower pew ends complimented the pedestals by the screen and in the porch beautifully and really tied the look together
Installing flowers in your chosen church is part of the service we offer so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy your day.

Credit Michael Fagan
Top table arrangements are often popular and look lovely on speech photos. Your wedding reception is your party time to celebrate with your family and friends and thank them for sharing your special day. We can provide arrangements to suit day, you can hire statement vases off us with a profusion of blooms or choose something simple and minimal to just tie your theme together.

We are also happy for you to provide your own containers for us to fill, here the bride had been making a collection of vintage jugs which we filled with flowers to compliment her beautiful country wedding theme.
If you have the time and flare and wish to create your own reception displays  we can discuss supplying you with loose cut flowers priced by the stem so they match with all your other flowers.

We can also advise and provide little floral extras to complete your day such Thank-you bouquets to present to Mums and key people during speeches, Aqua packed handtieds work well as they are provided in water and can be done to fit your theme or just a lovely mix of colours.  We have also done small posies to sit on top of cakes just let us know the size of your top tier and we can work to the appropriate dimensions. Wanting to par take of the tradition of throwing your bouquet but don't want to spoil the stunning creation you carried down the aisle we can provide you with a throwing bouquet made either smaller or in less expensive blooms Gypsohila with a coloured ribbon is a popular choice or something else the bride below had Hydrangeas as they are a favorite of hers but didn't fit with her chosen style of main bouquet this was a fun way to work them in to the day.

 Silk Flowers
We can also create your wedding flowers in silk, brides sometimes choose silk because they are allergic to certain flowers, or because they just want to be able to keep their flowers afterwards, Here at Snapdragons we pride our self on good quality silks to look as much like the real thing as possible. Take a look at this selection all done in silk.

Credit Butterflies Photography

So why Choose Snapdragons?
If our selection of beautiful flowers hasn't made your mind up here's some more reasons why you should choose Snapdragons Florist for your wedding flowers.

  • Bespoke service, we don't believe in package deals (eg 1 brides bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 5 buttonholes 1 pedestal 8 table posies £XXX) We work to your requirements your love, your marriage is unique to you why should you be forced to have the same flower package as everyone else that season. If you just need your bouquet, one buttonhole and a small arrangement your going to use on the table for signing the register and then move to the top table that's all you have to have, like wise you want your bouquet, a throwing bouquet, six bridemaids, two flower girls a dozen buttonholes, church flowers and reception arrangements that's what we can do for you.  Numbers for items such as buttonholes or tables can also be adjusted up untill two weeks before your wedding. 
  • Fully Qualified Florist your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and flowers go a long way to creating the look and making that day complete the bouquet you carry will be on many photos you will look at for the rest of your life why would you entrust the task of making that bouquet to anyone but a qualified professional, I pride my self in the college training I received with one of my highest grades being in practical wedding work and an overall double grade of Distinction Merit.
  • Our care and full attention as a general rule we will only book one wedding per date so we can focus our full attention on your special day. Meaning your flower are made to a schedule to keep them at their freshest and delivered at a time to suit you. 
  • Flexibility we realize that weddings can be expensive and at times stressful so we try to be flexible in payments. After initial consultation we will provide you with a quote normally allowing up to a month for you to make your choice and pay the non returnable deposit which is usually around 20% it is then up to you as and when you pay the rest as long as we have full payment two weeks before your wedding day. Some brides choose to make just these two payments other spread the cost paying off abit each month  its up to you. 
So there you go Snapdragons is the place to book your wedding flowers, we still have a few space for this year so if you are planning your big day pop in for a chat and see what we can do for you, we look forward to seeing you. 

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